Vulcan Materials Company (VMC) has submitted their plans to expand their aggregate mining operation at the Azusa Rock Quarry in Fish Canyon. The city of Azusa has accepted the proposal as being complete and has accepted the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed expansion of Vulcan mining in Azusa. The Planning Commission voted to accept the EIR on March 10, 2010, but rejected the development agreement by a 2-2 vote. The Azusa City Council took up the question on April 19, 2010 with public comments. On May 17, they voted to approve the EIR, but rejected the mining plan. However, they are reconsidered their vote on the mining plan and approved it on July 6. Vulcan’s original CUP allows mining of 190 of the 270 acres that Vulcan owns at the Azusa Rock site. According to their new proposal, Vulcan would stop mining on the east side of the quarry and begin restoration there in exchange for allowing expansion of mining into their westernmost 80 acre parcel. The proposal has been framed deceptively as no increase in mining acreage, but merely a substitution of acreage with total mining acres remaining at 190. In reality, the best of the 190 acres has already been mined, and additional strip mining of the east side of the quarry would yield substantially less aggregate for Vulcan than mining on the west side of the VMC property. A map of the location shows that there is less aggregate that can be extracted from the remaining east side of the CUP boundary. The new VMC mining plan includes “reclamation” of the east side of the quarry DO NOT BE DECEIVED! THE NEW PROPOSAL WILL ADD 80 MORE ACRES TO VULCAN’S DESTRUCTION OF OUR MOUNTAINS.

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