About Us

Who We Are?

Save Our Canyon is a citizens group formed to oppose any extension of the Vulcan Materials Company open face rock mine in Fish Canyon and preserve the beauty of our mountains. The goal of our group is to provide a central point for gathering and distribution of information that will help defeat the Vulcan effort. We believe that Knowledge Is Power!

Save Our Canyon includes concerned residents, voters and taxpayers from the cities of Azusa, Duarte, Covina, Glendora and we hope to expand it to include people from every city that can see mountain that Vulcan proposes to tear down. We are pledged to do our best to assist the local government of each city to resist any action by Vulcan that would deface our mountains, endanger our health and destroy our real estate values. We are contacting the Air Quality Management District, the Sierra Club, California and US State Senators and Assembly members, local government leaders, and anyone else who can help in this effort.